Artist nourddine abdelouahed

Welcome to my website "Oil Paintings by A. Noureddine". Here you will find a selection of my original oil paintings,

My paintings are between abstraction and representations, it s a relationship of content and form, spontaneity and immediacy, it s a straggle to develop new artistic language who takes us beyond the material reality, it gives us a way to break through our frame work of mind. I am looking deeply to try to over come the gap between the concept of reality and reality it s self, and to reflect my unique perspective on the world, this is life as I see it.


The site currently consists of three main galleries, all displaying original oil paintings.

Oil Paintings  - Visions of The Hollande

Oil Portrait Paintings Moroccan music




Clicking on any of these links (all links can also be found at the  top and bottom of the page) will take you to a gallery page displaying my original oil paintings. Single page enlargements of these images can then be viewed by clicking on the gallery paintings. The internet has made it much easier for artists to exhibit their work, but you have to work hard to ensure that the representations of the artwork are as true to life as possible. With this in mind, I have added a new original artwork page to the site which shows enlarged details from some of my paintings, along with a brief description of how I achieved the effect. There is a link underneath each detail that will take you to an image of the whole painting so that you can compare the two. In the detail you should be able to see the brush and knife strokes that will give you a feeling of the presence of a real original oil painting that perhaps even the enlarged images lack.

Buying or Commissioning an Original Oil Painting

As well as exhibiting locally and abroad, my paintings are for sale from this site. All my paintings are painted on high quality linen canvas  and sold without a decorative frame. In the FAQ's page I hope to answer any questions that you may have about buying or commissioning an original oil painting. I aim to make this a simple and worry free process. By clicking on buying an oil painting online you will find out what  to do if you should wish toreturn your oil painting; my policy on refunds; what will happen in the unlikely event that your painting is damaged in transit; the method and materials I use for the packaging of your painting; the arrangements for the shipping or delivery of your painting and arrangements for payment


May I finally take this opportunity to welcome you once again to this site, I sincerely hope that you are able to share some of my enjoyment of the beauty that surrounds us no matter where you may be in the world.
A. Noureddine